• The guide into choosing the right tie

    How to choose the best tie The tie is the symbol of attention to details and it says a lot about the outfit you are wearing. Choosing the best tie can become extremely difficult, only because a wrong choice can ruin the entire outfit. If you want to choose the...
  • What’s the value of a Made-To-Measure suit?

    Many of our customers asks us what is actually the value difference regarding an essential clothing piece: The Suit. The Suit, no matter if we are talking about a business suit, a ceremony suit or a casual suit, the suit is still the most important piece in a men’s wardrobe...
  • The Summer Suit Guide – The Linen Suit

    Since the summer season is settling, there is a relaxing and comfort vibe, but even if the spring months give you more freedom regarding your outfits, this fact should not be an excuse for having a messy style, but the opportunity to experiment with different colours and chilly fabrics for...
  • Why do we need shoe trees?!

    The shoe trees are lasts built on different types of materials, used regularly helps keeping the original shape of the shoe longer, being able to offer your shoes that special care that will make them last longer. The shoe trees can be manufactured in many different ways (Made out of two...
  • Ready...Steady...GO! A special Sunday with Tudor Personal Tailor @ Titi Aur Academy

    How do you spend a Sunday with a lot of adrenaline and challenging experiences, without sacrificing a Sunday with your loved ones? The answer comes from Tudor Personal Tailor and it is the simplest: on track at Titi Aur Academy, the most complex and complete Romanian Autodrome; gather your friends...
  • Airborne SS 2016

    The new Spring/Summer collection ”Airborne” is inspired by the Summer season, sun rays, the relaxing moments, the experience of a new adventure or the large horizons that make you think about the absolute freedom that flying gives you. Jasper Sand Check Aislin Purple Check All the garments in the ”Airborne”...
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