The Summer Suit Guide – The Linen Suit

Since the summer season is settling, there is a relaxing and comfort vibe, but even if the spring months give you more freedom regarding your outfits, this fact should not be an excuse for having a messy style, but the opportunity to experiment with different colours and chilly fabrics for a cool and elegant look even when the heat becomes even harder to bear.

What you need to keep in mind while choosing a summer suit

Not all the suits are built the same, it all depends on the occasion and place where you are going to wear it, and the same rule applies when it comes to the seasons. For the Spring/Summer seasons it is essential to take into account the weight, texture and breathability of the fabric; you can opt for a semi-padded suit jacket or even without the padding that will facilitate the ventilation, being way more breathable even if you lose a bit of the suit’s jacket structure.

When it come to the textiles, pick the most tenant and light fabricsthat will easily ventilate, taking the overheating to a minimum level.

Another important aspect is the size of your suit. If you want a linen suit to look impeccable when you are wearing it, you should preferably have it made to measure, being a very soft and light fabric, you could probably end by purchasing a suit that is few sizes bigger if you go for the ready to wear option.

The linen suit

The linen textiles are some of the oldest textiles in the world, with a history of over thousands years, the fibre fragments found in a cave in Georgia suggest that this kind of textiles made out of wild flax were used 36 000 years ago.

At the moment the linen is one of the most popular fabrics for the summer season, because of the light weight, breathability, an easy natural and tenant texture.The linen suit tends to wrinkle quite easily, but this is also a part of the suits charm, emitting an elegant feel without too much effort, extremely adequate for the warm seasons. If back in time, the linen suit was worn only in places where now you could go now wearing shorts and flip-flops, nowadays the linen suit can be worn on the city streets than on the beach, because of the relaxed dress code, it can be worn almost anywhere, anytime.

For casual events or your spare time, choose a 100% linen suit, opting for light and pastel colours, satisfactory for a weekend, a casual wedding or even for a day at the office if your workplace is a creative place.

If you want to wear a linen suit at the office, choose a fabric that combines the linen with silk, wool or cotton, keeping the same casual look without that many wrinkles, the fabric combination have a better posture and strength. Opt for dark colours for the evening and night events, formal weddings in very warm climates or any other formal business occasions.

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