The guide into choosing the right tie

How to choose the best tie

The tie is the symbol of attention to details and it says a lot about the outfit you are wearing. Choosing the best tie can become extremely difficult, only because a wrong choice can ruin the entire outfit. If you want to choose the right option, you should take into consideration the following style advices.

The perfect tie fabric

The shinier the fabric is (for example silk) the most elegant and business the dress code is. If the tie is mate (for example wool or cotton) this will take your outfit into a more casual one.

Bingham Tie

crava 13 mm bis 72

The colour

The tie can be the essential colour detail to every suit. When choosing the colour, remember to match it according to your suit and shirt, but don’t forget about the handkerchief.

Barton Tie


Denon Tie


The width of a perfect tie

Generally, the width of the tie varies between 4 cm (skinny tie) and 9.5 cm (fat tie) To choose the perfect width, match it to the width of the jackets lapel, the dimension should be directly proportional to the lapels.

The best tie pin

It is optional, but only when you are not wearing a vest. If you are wearing a vest, never wear it with a tie pin.

The perfect tie knot and length

The knot should be picked by the type of collar of your shirt, but be careful with the length of your tie. As a general rule, the top of your tie is recommended to touch the waistband of your trousers.

The best tie - With or without pattern?

If you opt for a striped tie, make sure your shirt is not stripy patterned too, having them both will interfere and create an unpleasant visual effect. The same rule goes with the dotted and the paisley patterns. The visual harmony is essential when combining the tie to your shirt.

Celeste Tie
Frayne Tie
IMG_3754 mm BB

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