Made to measure

The “made to measure tailoring” concept initiated by Tudor.Personal Tailor represents the style and elegance at the highest standards.

The main particularities of a made to measure suit are the customization, the affordability and the exceptional quality of materials and accessories used.

A made to measure suit will not only give you authority and a special mark of distinction, but social recognition.

Masterfully and skillfully, Tudor Tailor reinvents the suit through the beautiful details and the highest quality of the materials, so you can wear it with pleasure to the important events in your life.

How does the whole process work?

I. Measurement

The measuring process will takes about 30 minutes. In this time, a Tudor Tailor consultant will sugest what material options suit you best.

II. Materials option

You may customize every detail of your future suit: the material, the color of lining, the pocket’s style, the shape of cuffs, the lapel width and the shape of buttonholes and buttons.

III. Order the suit

After choosing the material and cut, next you have to confirm your order and make the payment. The standard delivery time is 20 days (or express 7-10 days). The delivery will be arrive at the address specified by the Customer. The first change of suit is included and is done in maximum 72 hours.




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