Men's Dress Shirt Guide: 11 Types of Shirts Every Man Needs in His Wardrobe and How to Wear Them Properly

We are talking today about an article of clothing that is important regardless of the current social situation. No matter where you set up your office, whether you’re stepping into an online meeting from home, or planning your future business travels, the shirt is your companion for most outfits.

What are we looking for when buying a men’s dress shirt?

Slim fit or regular fit, at Tudor Tailor the shirts are tailored according to the fitting that best suits your body measurements. If you are among men who usually wear business outfits, make sure you own a few white shirts, a couple of one in shades of blue, light pink, even lilac hues, and complete your collection with some elegant patterns, adding stripes and plaid shirts in different shades.

How to dress the perfect textile blend throughout the seasons?

Let's not forget the casual shirt, that comes in various patterns and styles. During the warm days, wear summer shirts that come in linen or blends of cotton and linen, and pick out the colour of choice. For winter, we have the classic plaid shirts tailored in a flannel heavier cotton.

On top of size and model, make sure that the shirt’s fabric enhances your overall appearance, as well as your comfort. 

In this guide, we present 11 types of shirts that every man should have in his wardrobe:

1. The White Shirt, a Classic Must-Have in Any Outfit

When we say white shirt, we are talking about a garment which we frequently wear that must be found in every men's wardrobe, not in one, but in a few quality pieces.

camasi albe barbați

Being a basic item in our wardrobe, it must be carefully selected for long-lasting use and a flawless appearance.  

The white shirt is a key element for our business outfits. This model has a stiff Italian collar that makes it more modern and styles a set of simple cuffs with buttons that guarantee a flawless look.

camasi albe elegante

"Every men's wardrobe must have at least one white shirt suitable for any occasion. This piece must come in wrinkle-resistant cotton fabric that helps the body stay cool and provide comfort throughout the day. ” - Adrian Belbe, Tudor Tailor style advisor.                                               

Discover all the different options of white men's shirts in the Tudor Tailor collection!

2. The Black Shirt, in a Modern Style

Step out of your comfort zone and choose a perfect look for a memorable evening. An all-black outfit, carefully selected and with the right accessories, will make you look like a modern gentleman with a bit of a dark edge to it.

camasi negre

The easiest way to wear a black shirt is with a pair of black chinos and for a final touch accessorize it with a black belt.

camasi negre barbati

"Matching different elements is essential for a successful all-black outfit. So, go for fewer layers, and you will have a clean look. Do not hesitate to wear this modern, but exquisite and masculine outfit. It all depends on the attitude you display. ” - Adrian Belbe, suit advisor Tudor Tailor.

Customize with Tudor Tailor the black shirt for your modern outfit!

3. The Wedding Shirt, in a Formal Style

For this grand event, the shirt of choice will remain the immaculate white shade. Being a formal event, make sure you respect the contrast between the suit and the shirt, as the classic white remains the most suitable option during the wedding day.

camasi elegante pentru nunta

For this type of outfit, we recommend a tailored shirt that will have the right measurements from the get-go, and you will benefit from professional advice for choosing the model according to your outfit and body type.

An excellent example for formal events is the Howe shirt, with a bow tie collar and double cuffs. The shirt is made of Twill fabric, with a semi-gloss finish that gives it a more precious look and it feels luxurious on the skin.

Even if it is not wrinkle-free, the soft fabric is the most suitable choice for a groom, as he is experiencing the most important moment of his life.

The clean look, correctly accessorized with a pair of custom cufflinks will take you through the special moments of the wedding!

papion barbati

Celebrate the special event dressed in a Karston formal shirt, with hidden buttons, bow tie collar and pleats. Opt for a refined look and be ready to celebrate with your loved ones!

The Karston shirt is made of Royal Oxford fabric which denotes from the name that it is incredibly refined, and it is the classic fabric to be used in formal shirts. It will make for a stiffer and more elegant look, and the creases will help you hide the wrinkles that could appear after some time.

The white colour makes this fabric suitable, especially for formal occasions, with a suit or a tuxedo.

Discover the selection of formal shirts from the Tudor Tailor collection!

4. The Elegant Shirt With Double Cuffs, for Any Occasion

An elegant, classic shirt is a must-have in any man's wardrobe. Choose a made to measure shirt suitable for special occasions, evening events or a formal gala, personalize the cuff with your initials and get a unique shirt especially made for you.

camasa barbateasca ocazie

Elegance must be found in the smallest details. The shirt with double cuffs is the right model to transform your outfit into an iconic one, full of refinement. Opt for cufflinks and discover the collection of accessories suitable for an elegant attire which will make the small difference in any meeting or situation. 

Explore the entire collection of dress shirts!

5. The Linen Shirt, for Summer

Linen fabrics are recommended for high temperatures and are an excellent solution for these days. Men who opt for linen blend shirts will enjoy increased comfort and a relaxed look that will keep them fresh throughout the day.

camasa de in barbati"The versatility of linen shirts is the main reason why men go for this fabric when wearing an outfit in the summer season. You can find them in all sorts of colours so you can have stylish outfits without too much effort." - Adrian Belbe, stylist advisor Tudor Tailor.

Choose a linen shirt that best expresses your personality and let yourself feel the cool fabric during the hot summer days!

Go for the made to measure shirt and customize it in three simple steps!

6. The Office Shirt, for Business Meetings

For men who want to be always ready to make a great first impression, the office shirt is still one of the best choices as it's tailored in a way so you can wear it for a long time.

camasi office

You can match it with chinos, jeans or even linen or elegant wool pants. The office shirt is effortless to wear thanks to its pale colours.

Discover the office shirts collection for a complete business outfit!

7. The Slim Fit Shirt

For an athletic body, the best choice is the slim fit shirt. It is closer to the body fitting with which you will get an outfit that will benefit your effort for staying in shape and highlighting your figure.

camasi slim fit elegante Alege modelul slim fit pentru o ținută modernă!

"The slim fit men's shirt has a cut that follows the line of the body. We go for this item when we want to be an impressive presence on every occasion. " - Adrian Belbe, suit advisor Tudor Tailor.


If you have a more robust body, it is advisable to choose garments with a regular fit cut.


"We choose a regular fit or a more relaxed fitting for the cut of our shirt if we want to feel more comfortable and we want to wear that shirt for 8-10 hours a day. A shirt should follow the body, but it should never be too tight."

camasi barbatesti elegante

Discover the entire collection of dress shirts that can be made to measure for a perfect fit!

8. The Light Blue Shirt, Essential in Our Wardrobe

The range of men's dress shirts in classic shades of blue, such as light blue, is impressive and represents an essential item for most of the outfits.

camasi elegante bleumarin

From the job interview outfit to the business event with a clear blue sky, this elegant shade will always compliment the chosen look.

You can choose to go with these shades of blue instead of white if you want an attire that is not very formal. You can wear it with navy or grey suits, it will work both ways, and you can accessorize it with most shades of ties.”  - Adrian Belbe, stylist advisor Tudor Tailor.

Stand out with shades of blue that will make freshen up your style!

9. The Checkered Shirt, With a Light Pattern

If every man has a collection of formal shirts in the dressing room, an update with a few casual items is a perfect idea for the warm season.

The checkered pattern will stay in the attention of men being a classic pattern. Whether you want a more discreet print or you want to go with a bold pattern and colour, choose the checkered shirt that will elegantly complement your outfit every time.

Most of the time, plaids are present among smart casual shirts. The Aviva shirt can be matched with a casual look, with a bold checkered print and with red details.


Stay bold through the chromatics of your outfit and discover the plaid shirts from our collection! 

10. The Oxford Shirt, for a Smart-Casual Outfit

ghid camasi barbati

The Oxford shirt bears this name because it is made of a fabric that uses a unique method of weaving for traditional baskets, originating in the XIX century Scotland. The result displays a "chessboard" effect.

The fabric is made of fibres which provide durable texture, but at the cost of being more rigid. If you go for a piece of really light material, you will feel comfortable in it, but be aware that it can be a little transparent.

If you find it a disadvantage, transparency is a great advantage, because it allows your skin to breathe much better than other fabrics do.

Choose an Oxford shirt for your casual outfits, for those days when you want to wear chinos with a shirt and a pair of loafers. We don't recommend this style for events such as a church programme, a baptism or any other event that involves a higher level of elegance.

Dress up to the occasion with the shirt of choice! 

11. The Casual Shirt, in Light Shades

Bold colours such as pink, purple or green started to appear on the radar of men's trends and in the chromatics of men's outfits. They come in pale, faded shades for an elegant look and increased accessibility.

Light pink shirts are very modern and comfortable to wear, especially for business or casual outfits. 

camasi elegante barbatesti

The shirt in light shades is more and more sought after for summer outfits. The warm, but at the same time playful tones caught the eyes of gentlemen who want to wear an item suitable both for a business meeting and for the after-hours events.

camasi elegante

The light and the wrinkle-resistant fabric is the advantage we look for when we choose the right shirt during the summer, and this model made of fine twill - double retors 100% cotton fulfils the desired effect.

Those looking for a slightly out-of-the-box presence can go for modern colours, such as bright purple, fuchsia or green.

Discover all Tudor Tailor shirts and get out of your comfort zone with a light shade for the warm season!

Q&A About Dress Shirts

Here is a list of the most common questions we receive about how to wear the shirt, how to match it with different outfits, or how to make sure it fits properly:

  1. How and when can I wear a shirt over my pants?

The shirt will be tucked in the pants, even when wearing a smart casual or cocktail outfit. Do not think that you will look more youthful if you wear the shirt out of the pants.

For a composed look, in an elegant context, make sure you have your shirt tucked into your pants.

moduri de a purta camasa barbati

We make an exception for the casual shirts that we match with a pair of jeans or chinos. You wear this shirt in informal contexts. Pay close attention to the type of activity - not in business contexts, but only in your free time.

2. Ready-to-wear or made-to-measure?

Even if for many of us, the ready-to-wear option is faster and involves less effort, every gentleman who wants a perfect outfit must seek the advice and help of a master tailor.

experienta made to measure

From adjusting the sleeves to recommending the collar type according to the countenance and profession, we include these essential details in the made-to-measure process.

We recommend the advice of the professional for each elegant outfit. Here you can opt for the made-to-measure version.

3. How should the shirt fit in the neck area?

When buying a shirt, you need to pay attention to the neck area. Choose the desired shirt knowing the current measurements so that the shirt can lightly dress your body.

camasi elegante

The right measurements will allow you to put two fingers, middle and forefinger between the collar and the neck. In this way, the space left will give you the comfort you are looking for while you will wear a perfectly tailored shirt.

4.  What kind of collar do we choose?

We choose the collar of the shirt looking at the shape of our face. If you have a round face, the most suitable type of collar is classic one the french collar. Instead, for an elongated shape, the Italian, more spread collar will be a much better choice.

For gentlemen with a higher neck and athletic constitution, the most recommended is the high-collar collar. Avoid this type of collar if you have a shorter neck and a sturdy profile.

5. Do we wear short-sleeved shirts?

Avoid short-sleeved shirts, even for the hottest days. A true gentleman will never make this style mistake by wearing a short-sleeved shirt at the office.

camasi maneca scurta barbati

For a more relaxed look, you can choose to roll up the sleeves of your shirt. In this way, you will remain within the standards of a clean outfit, and you can enjoy the warm weather by using this small tweak.

camasi barbati elegante

Discover the Tudor Tailor men's dress shirts and choose the model that best suits your favourite style and activities!

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