How to Reorganize Your Wardrobe Almost... Therapeutically. 12 Must-Have Items in Your Collection

For most of us, reorganizing the wardrobe is something we put on our to-do list every season, in the hope of checking it off … well, “one day”. The time has come for this audit which you’ve most likely postponed, and for good reason, as there was never quite enough time.

It’s the perfect opportunity to find your personal style, or maybe reinvent it.

It is normal to find a bit of clutter in every wardrobe and have it filled with items that we keep because we’re used to having them there. That is why every person needs to be objective when it comes to their wardrobe by understanding what they already have, what they wear regularly, as well as what does not represent them anymore. We believe these guidelines should help you reach a moment of clarity, helping us feel more organized.

So, let us step into our dressing and give ourselves a few hours (which will prove very important) for this recreational activity. In the end, you will feel more productive than after a day at the office, very knowledgeable on what you own, and will have concrete plans for the future of your personal style.

Surely you will enjoy items you have forgotten about and think of ways to reintegrate into future ensembles. Still, you will also discover clothes and accessories which you haven’t worn in a long time, items which you might want to donate or change if they do not represent you anymore.

Turn this into a therapeutic session. Maybe more than ever, we need that extra tranquillity and long-term vision. We hope to inspire your decisions!

organizare dulap barbati

Three steps for a wardrobe reorganization that is almost… therapeutic:

We want to help you with three easy steps after which your wardrobe will be comfortable to scour and wear, as you will be able to enjoy fast and efficient matchings. Discover the measures which will guarantee an impeccable style in the next period, be it you chose to reconfigure the entire wardrobe, or just sort out the items.

1. Clear all of the hangers and empty all of the drawers

The audit should start by analyzing all your clothing items, both the ones you regularly wear and the ones that stay hidden in the corner of the closet.

For a complete disconnection from the daily bustle, we recommend selecting a favourite "me time" playlist as you'll categorize your clothes and accessories.

Take every item off of the hangers and out of the drawers. As Marie Kondo told us in her known Netflix series (“Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”), empty out your dressing room on the bed. Let the sorting begin!

2. Sort out your clothes into 3 categories 

Are you the type of person that thinks it impossible to part with some clothes, even if you have worn them for the last three years? Maybe you are looking for a second opinion - trust us, we all need it -, because it is time to finally give them up. Not necessarily to throw them away, but maybe find someone who would cherish them just as much as you once did.

Organize your clothes into the three categories previously mentioned:

- to keep: all of the clothes and accessories that you love, that make you look good, that are in good condition, and that still fit you well;

 - to donate: all of the clothes that do not fit you anymore and that you did not wear in a long time, no matter how often you wanted to;

 - to recycle: all of the clothes that can't be worn because of their wear and tear.

From experience, we can tell you that the first category is easier to piece up, as for the last two you need a bit of effort.

Where can we donate?

If the clothes are in good shape and you have stored them properly, you can choose to donate them to a family who can’t afford quality clothes. Another alternative is to team up with us and donate to the “Alternative Attitudes” Association as soon as this quarantine period passes.

3. Update your wardrobe to a 2.0 version

As the difficult part is over, now you can arrange the “to keep” category of clothes back in the closet and in the other storage spaces. Before you do that, we recommend you wipe the furniture surfaces with special care products and wait for the room to air.

While in this stage, you can try on some clothes and make an album with all kind of combos which you might find very useful in the future, especially in those moments where you lack inspiration.

After all the sorting and the tidying up, have you by any chance discovered some missing essential items that need to be added to your reorganized dressing?

Below, you can find a selection of elegant items and versatile accessories that can make or break a wardrobe:

12 Must-Have Clothing Items and Accessories in Your Collection:

1. The Blue Jacket

You may opt for a dusty blue with a complimentary check pattern, perfect for sunny days, or you might better enjoy a classic shade of blue.

Still, a jacket with blue nuances is one of the most representative and wearable items in a men’s wardrobe. With premium fabrics and impeccable finishes, Tudor. Personal Tailor’s jackets perfectly complete a gentleman’s wardrobe.

2. The Coloured Cotton Chinos

Acest model de pantaloni satisface atât gusturile celor care vor să iasă în evidență, cât și ale bărbaților care pun accent pe calitate și o imagine mai clasică. Confecționați din țesătură de formă twill și din compoziție 100% bumbac, pantalonii chino sunt recomandați în special în sezonul cald.

3. The Derby Shoes

If you are looking for elegant shoes that you can also wear in more casual outfits, the Derby shoes are ideal, as they represent a good investment, as well as a very comfortable choice. From formal meetings to a spontaneous “Rendez-Vous”, with a pair of Derby shoes, you are playing it safe!

4. The Loafers

This type of men’s shoes can be matched with a lot of things. If you choose to wear jeans, chinos, or shorts, the loafers are quite versatile and comfortable, as well as perfectly suited for warm Spring-Summer days.


5. The White Cotton Shirt

Without a doubt, the white shirt is customary in any man’s wardrobe. The safest bet is a clean white shirt made from the finest fabrics at the highest tailoring standards.

6. The pattern cotton shirt

A classic cotton shirt does not have to be uni, especially since a shirt with stripes or one with checks can be worn both in formal outfits and in some more relaxed ensembles.


7. The Micro Pattern Tie

When it comes to accessories, we remain faithful to the standard colours, such as navy blue or burgundy, and the ties with micro patterns are sure to bring freshness to any ensemble.

8. The Pocket Square

Any outfit will get added value if we choose to wear a pocket square. We recommend you to wear silk pocket squares with a minimal print, in pastel colours, as these attributes will make the accessory fit in within more ensembles.


În nuanțe neutre, cureaua este accesoriul indispensabil pentru o ținută reușită. Purtată atât la ținute business, cât și la cele casual, aceasta trebuie să se regăsească printre accesoriile din noua versiune a garderobei.

9. The Metal Cufflinks

Any self-respecting man should own at least one pair of cufflinks that he can wear when the situation requires it. A recommendation would be the metal cufflinks that are very versatile, for instance in the shape of a knot, or maybe a pair made out of precious metal, such silver.


10. The Leather Bag

The days of the briefcases and diplomatic pouches have opened new horizons in business. Choose between a variety of leather bags in different colours, handbags that you can wear on the shoulder or in hand, and that will perfectly match your outfit.



11. The Classic Leather Belt

Neutral in shade and colour, the belt is the indispensable accessory for a perfect outfit. It can be worn both for formal and casual outfits, so the classic leather belt should be a main accessory in your new wardrobe.

12. The leather portcard

Specially created for the needs of the modern man, with a refined and compact design, the portcard is ideally suited for credit cards, but also business cards.

The entire Tudor Tailor team wishes you a relaxed time while reorganizing your wardrobe. Let's make the best out of this #stayathome period. Any "before and after" pictures are welcomed in the comment section.

We are looking forward to meeting you for a free online fashion counselling session - book us here!

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