Men's Bags: An Essential Accessory for Every Gentleman. How to Style It to Your Look

Bags have come a long way to finally get the recognition they deserve. If two decades ago or even less, there was this preconception that no man should carry any other bag but for the classic business briefcase, nowadays men's bag options have become generous in style and function. 

At Tudor. Personal Tailor, we stand for timeless elegance that isn’t limited to seasonal fashion trends, and that is why bags are not a season-only accessory, but a functional and elegant item, an essential part of a man's wardrobe.

Discover what types of bags are around, what fits your style best and what are the rules to keep in mind when adding it to your look.

7 Types of Bags and Sleeves For The Modern Man

There are several types of handbags and sleeves you can choose from, depending on your line of work or after hour events you usually attend. From different sizes, various shapes, to styles and fabrics to choose from, each bag carries its own individual intention.


1. The Office Bag: A Commuter’s Leather Pack


The office bag can style many shapes, with functional pockets in different fabrics. It’s practical use serves many businessmen in need of a bag that safely stores a multitude of objects they need day by day. 

You might be among them, searching for that one bag to carry your stack of files or just a couple of records, but also to fit in some of your work gadgets that are indispensable. The office bag is clearly the suitable option if you are a man who has a busy day, but still wants a comfortable and useful bag.

The office bag should not be very heavy and must come in a smart-casual or elegant style. A premium feature you should look for: add to your wardrobe an office bag with sturdy leather handles for long wear.

Every gentleman must have in his wardrobe a leather business bag, this classic and elegant accessory that offers spacious pockets for all office documents and electronic equipment.

Discover the entire Tudor Tailor bag collection!


2. The Classic Briefcase

Back in the day, the sole purpose of the briefcase was to transport documents and papers from one office to another. Nowadays this item has become much more functional, but also more aesthetic.

For the classic style enthusiasts, such as entrepreneurs and business people, the briefcase remains a top pick when adding a bag to their look, which is a suitable fit,  in matters of dress code and posture. That is why, if classic is your middle name, briefcases are the right choice for you. 

Nevertheless, the classic briefcase continues to be adapted to the needs of the modern man, featuring new models and adding a plus of personality to the attire. 

This bag comes with different partitions, perfect for separating important documents and making sure they don’t overlap. 

To round it up, the briefcase defines superior quality, that’s why any respectable gentleman with an imposing career will never carry a synthetic briefcase. As the English say: "You can't fake the style".

mens elegant bag

Discover the business bag models for a classic look, perfect for the office!


3. The Laptop Bag: An Elegant Man’s Satchel

Specially designed to carry the laptop, this type of men's bag perfectly balances its functionality with elegance and an impeccable appearance.

The differences in design help with space and create an efficient way of compartmentalization. This model offers plenty of room for the laptop and other accessories while keeping a slim and sleek look to it.

Compared to other styles, the laptop bag has a special lining that ensures the protection of its interior. The base of the bag is covered by a folded fabric to increase shock resistance.

mens laptop bag

Find the style of your choice and keep your laptop safe on your business trips!

4. The Messenger Bag

Most bags from our collection offer you the chance to carry them on your shoulders. This way, gentlemen have the opportunity to add a removable shoulder strap to their handbags. 

If you have a busy day and you will be commuting a bit, carrying a lot of documents or other objects, with this belt you can turn your business bag into an elegant messenger bag.

Go on and ease-off your day with a messenger bag, perfect for a packed schedule!


5. The Travel Bag: The Carry-On of Choice

Let’s talk about our spare time and what kind of bag is suitable for travelling. When packing your luggage for a business or leisure trip (hopefully soon!), choose an elegant leather travel bag instead of a trolley. 

This way you can combine functionality with style, opting for a spacious and elegant carryall. Take it with you on any of your trips, weekend getaways and even to the gym! Stay stylish everywhere you go!

This travel bag has adapted the classic, masculine style to the needs and requirements of the modern man. Functionality, exclusive design and absolute quality are its main features, as it provides three compartments, a solid handle and a removable strap.

The carryall is an elegant alternative to the troller bag

mens leather bag

Choose a stylish bag for your future trip!

6. The Tablet Sleeve: The Sleek Gadget Protection

Tablets and smartphones have become a daily necessity for all gentlemen, that is why we highly recommend this protective sleeve for everyday use. Whether you’re packing the tablet for the office or you’re safely storing it on your desk, this layer of protection will help you more than you realize. 

One splash of water in the wrong place and the whole thing could sizzle. Or what happens if your newly purchased tablet suddenly goes crashing to the ground? If you want to protect and take care of your tablet, do it in style.

The sleeve is made from leather with a cotton interior that was specifically designed to mix utility with style. You can even match your outfit with one of your sleeves. On the plus side, you can put some business cards and even your phone in the pockets of the sleeves, thus being able to walk around comfortably keeping your pockets empty.

Pick an elegant tablet sleeve that offers protection and completes your style!


7. The Laptop Sleeve

Most probably you own a laptop or you work on one. With time, the laptop has become a necessity and many, if not most of us, use it daily. That is why it is important to start taking care of it and make sure it’s protected throughout the day.

Your laptop sleeve of choice should be form-fitting, but not so tight that there’s no friction space left. The better your sleeve fits your laptop, the more protected it will be. 

At Tudor Tailor, the laptop sleeve is made of leather and cotton interior, same as the tablet and with the same functions and utility. Discover the laptop sleeves now in different sizes and colours.

The sleeve is extremely useful for business meetings outside the office!

Tips on How to Successfully Wear Any Bag

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind, just to be sure you are matching and carrying your bags the right way:

Basic Rule

On the same note as in the suits department, the most important thing is colour-coding and patterns. Of course, accessories that stand out are spectacular, but these items should be worn to certain events and outfits, and not on a regular basis.

Choose a good quality bag in neutral tones!

Avoid Use of Pockets

If you don’t want to carry a briefcase, choose a laptop tassel or any office bag that will help you clear your pockets and avoid stuffing them with all sorts of objects.

Using your pockets excessively can damage the trousers and jacket in time and eventually deteriorate it. More, it’s very unpleasant to the eye to have things sagging in the pockets.

mens leather sleeve

A laptop tassel can help you safely carry your working desktop! 

Match the Bag With The Entire Outfit

Matching your bag with the rest of your outfit is important. Try to pair clothing items in complementary tones and avoid strong contrast. 

For example, if you would wear a navy suit with brown shoes and belt, a black office bag would not be appropriate. Also, the fabric from which the bag or tassel is made of should be in the same style and texture to your entire look.

The briefcase is very spacious with lots of useful pockets!

Different Bags for Different Occasions

Putting fashion aside, since we are generally tempted to choose the bag just for the design, make sure it's functional and useful for your line of work. The goal is to move easy, carry as many things with you as possible, and not have to stuff your pockets anymore. 

At the same time, you need to know that each model is designed for certain occasions, and each type of activity implies a different type of bag.

Don’t Be Cheap

Even if there are times when the budget doesn’t allow you to purchase the product you want, it’s always better to wait a little bit more until you can acquire what you desire. Trying to save some of the money doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually save money, not if you think about it in the long term.

leather travel bag

Always choose a natural leather bag


No matter what your day to day needs are, start with a classic model in neutral tones that matches as many outfits as possible. Leather bags for men have evolved a lot in design and utility, and real gentlemen know that quality beats quantity. Choose wisely your next timeless bag HERE!

Discover the entire Tudor Tailor bag collection and pick the model that best suits your style!

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