Men's Ultimate Summer Linen Suit

Summer is right around the corner and surely, it will be one to remember. What else can make your out-of-quarantine back at the office look turn more heads than a flawlessly-tailored linen suit? 

So take advantage of the nice weather and start experimenting with different colours and fabrics for a cool and elegant look.

Even if the heat becomes too hard to bear, there is no excuse for a messy, sloppy style when it comes to a gentleman’s dress code. Here is our take on how to look your best during this season:

What You Need to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Summer Suit

At Tudor Tailor, we proudly tailor all of our suit collections for gentlemen who search for the quality label. When crafting for our clients, we recommend different fabrics and patterns suitable for a certain dress code or occasion. From where will you wear the suit to what your body is comfortable in, we tailor to perfection respecting a gentleman’s code no matter the season. 

Nonetheless, it is essential when dressing during sunny days to take into account the weight, texture and breathability of the fabric. When it comes to it, pick the lightest and most breathable blends that can cool off your body, keeping the overheating to a minimum level.

Gents can opt for either half-lined jackets with thin shoulder pads or choose a deconstructed jacket, with no padding. Any of the two styles will ensure a relaxed and comfortable style, helping our bodies to resist the high temperatures while being properly fitted.              

mens linen

Another important aspect is the size of your suit. If you want to wear a perfect fitted linen suit and have an impeccable look, you should have it made to measure. Don’t gamble with the ready to wear option for linen clothing items. Use your exact measurements when wearing soft and light fabrics. Once you choose the made to measure option, you’ll never look back!

Major Tips for The Linen Suit

Dating back since the ancient days, linen has been a favoured garment for centuries and decades now, its popularity has grown exponentially in the suit world. From unlined, drawstring versions to the dashing three-piece double-breasted suit, there’s a linen look for every occasion.

mens casual jacket

Even today, the linen suit’s major selling points remain the lightweight and breathable features of the weave. The linen suit tends to wrinkle quite easily but has become part of its charm. Giving an elegant feel without too much effort, the blend continues to be an adequate fabric for the warm seasons. 

For casual events or even dressing for downtime, choose a 100% linen suit in light and pastel colours, satisfactory for a weekend, a casual wedding or even for a day at the office if your workplace has that creative vibe.

If you want to wear a linen suit at the office, choose a fabric that combines linen with silk, wool or cotton, keeping the same casual look without too many wrinkles, as these blends have a better drape, flow and strength. Opt for dark colours for the evening events, formal weddings or any other formal business occasions.

mens summer suit

Get ready for this summer and find the right pattern and style for your elegant looks!

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