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      The TURQUOISE outfit has as its main piece a jacket defined by a color that stands out nicely. The fabric is a choice worthy of a stylish gentleman who wants to match bold colors in his wardrobe. The discreet contrast with the gray trousers gives a pleasant balance to the outfit that subtly flirts with the admirable.

  • Green jacket Loro Piana 10c4014 - 71% wool, 15% silk, 14% linen - 2850 lei
  • Gray pants SCABAL 704428 - 100% wool Super 100'S merino, 280g - 1770 lei

Pattern: Structured

Color: Green

Fabric: 71%Wool,

Lapel: Notch

Fabric: Loro Piana

Delivery: 45 days

Price: €1,

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Costume bărbați
Costume Casual
2 piece
Andi Moisescu Collection

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