Mihai Motoc

“I feel very lucky that I met the Tudor. Personal Tailor team years ago. A nice, relaxing atmosphere, good professionals and all you can imagine in terms of fashion quality. The Tudor Tailor team offers not only what the customer wants, but will also give you new ideas, which is perhaps even more important. For me, “modern” mean something elegant, that don’t lose its charm and passes the test of time both in terms of design and in terms of material quality. In short, I strongly recommend Tudor. Personal Tailor for demanding customers.”

Mihai Motoc, Managing Partner Agilio

Dragos Dinu

“My meeting with Tudor Tailor - the business, as a mentor, meant not only meeting with a new concept, but meeting the people behind this concept and their very well-defined aspirations regarding the customer-centric orientation. For me, the first “personal tailor” experience after many years and in a very different context, was more than convincing. I am convinced that this will be the case for more and more of their customers, current and potential, who seek something more than an off-the-shelf product and for whom image, both business and personal, matters."

Dragos Dinu - CEO Tiriac Holdings

Andrei Cionca

“I identify very much with Tudor. Personal Tailor in the way they gradually evolved and in the way they were also promoters in the field of the business outfits, thus each creating a small piece of history, each unique in its own way. "

Andrei Cionca, founder of Transilvania Insolvency House

Mihai Razvan Lapusan

"If to passion you add a young team, aiming towards the same goal, always willing to find solutions to customer problems, the results will appear without delay. I admit to being addicted to details, since I believe that they are the ones who make the difference. Therefore, I trust the Tudor Personal Tailor outfits".

Mihai Razvan Lapusan, lawyer at Lapusan & Partners

Marin Vidrascu

“I very much appreciate the businesses whose results are imprinted by the dedication of those who conceived the product, as is the case of Tudor Personal Tailor. Attention to details and customer-centered focus are far from clichés when talking about this brand. Myself, but also my brother and my father proudly wear business outfits created by Tudor Personal Tailor, always having the certainty that we cannot fail."

Marin Vidrascu, chief executive of Litera publishing house and Dan Vidrascu, managing director of Litera publishing house

Daniel Metz

“I discovered Tudor. Personal Tailor a year ago. I admired the way Tudor Tailor understood to develop their offer for the business segment. I was impressed by the flexibility and the professionalism of the Cluj local representative. Since then, the Tudor Tailor representative suggests the suit color, type and the accessories that fit my profile. Every time I accepted the proposals received and I was very satisfied with suits and shirts delivered. It is a relationship of trust. A relationship between two business people”.

Daniel Metz, CEO NTT DATA Romania

Daniel Metz

“As an Aesthetic Surgeon it is critical that my patients and prospective patients trust my sense of beauty and elegance, and clearly personal attire is a big part of this. For me, the Tudor Personal Tailor suit combines excellent materials with a particular style, elegance and sophistication. I appreciate very much the meticulous attention to detail and personal service, which have echoes in my own approach to Plastic Surgery. For the discerning professional working in a time-stressed environment I can highly recommend Tudor Personal Tailor for any and all sartorial needs. ”.

Nemer Kamal, Aesthetic Surgeon at World Estetica Bucharest