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The COMPASS evening outfit is the landmark that, in a multitude of options with black outfits, will take you admirably out of the classic landmarks. The burgundy shades are considered young, bold colors, which give the wearer a charming air regardless of age.

  • Bordeaux Angelico Jacket

Composition: 98% wool, 2% elastane

  • Trousers

Composition: 100% wool, Super 100 '

Weight: 270 gr

Pants color and texture: Black / Uni

Pattern: Uni

Color: Burgundy

Fabric: 98&Wool,

Lapel: Peak

Fabric: Angelico

Delivery: 45 days

Price: €792

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Costume bărbați
2 piece
Andi Moisescu Collection
Product Code: 52C2003

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