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The desire to have an exceptional shirt starts with the condition that the material comes from a top world manufacturer such as ALBINI and the attention to customizable details that give it uniqueness.

The essence of this famous brand is enshrined in research on the rarest and most precious cottons and linens around the world, bringing to the fore the tradition, elegance and craftsmanship of fabrics for demanding customers who want to express through what they wear, the complexity their personality.

The strong creative vision of the textures expresses a contemporary but still deeply rooted Italian taste, with a special finesse, which makes any shirt a unique, precious piece, defining an excellent acquisition.

Fabric: Linen

Collar: Italian

Cuff: Buttons

Color: Orange

Delivery: 15 days

Pattern : No

Price: €160

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Product Code: FL52330 711 C/1

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