About Us

Tudor. Personal Tailor is a fashion label dedicated to men, of British inspiration and Italian craftsmanship, a custom made concept reinvented in a perfect synchronization of the English tailoring along with a dynamic bond to the everyday customer’s needs. The experience that Tudor Tailor wishes to deliver to its clients in an efficient and fast way, is the delight of wearing an unique costume, executed by the highest standards in the British tradition, using high quality garments, originating from well known producers all over the world. We are therefore outlining Tudor Tailor’s mission - to refine and transform the mere need of wearing a suit into a lifestyle, an attitude and pleasure.

Why choose a custom tailored suit?

Tudor Tailor costume is an unique piece, adapted through a made to fit tailoring for each client, so that it will compliment him perfectly, an exceptional execution - full canvas and unlimited variety of samples. Your time is an essential criteria in the process of delivering a premium class piece since the first meeting, that is why your measures will be registered and saved in order to gain the time devoted for future purchases of suits. Thus, even after the first order, you are just a few clicks away from your new favorite Tudor Tailor suit.