Wedding Suits for Any Man: How to Choose the Perfect Groom Attire for Your Wedding Day

While it is true that brides shine brightest on wedding days, grooms can be just as concerned with their attire. If your wedding is just around the corner, you might be on the hunt for a groom suit that makes you stand out from the crowd, but that you can wear on other occasions as well.

The party is a fun and long-awaited moment, but wedding preparations can prove quite stressful. In order to make sure you don’t have to stress over choosing your attire, we prepared a complete wedding suit guide with all the information and groom suit ideas you need in order to put together an impeccable outfit for your wedding day.

Find out what your groom suit options are: from fit and fabric to style and colors. Read on to make sure you select the perfect attire for the special event.

How to Choose the Groom Suit?

how to choose the groom suit

The stakes are quite high when it comes to choosing the groom suit, so you want to get it just right.

In order to help you look your best on your wedding day, Tudor Tailor style advisors went over all the wedding suit do's and don'ts and prepared a list of helpful suggestions for future grooms:

1. Be careful not to overshadow your bride, but don’t blend in with your groomsmen.

The bride must be the focus of the wedding day so whichever groom suit you choose, make sure that you coordinate your outfit with hers.

Your suit should definitely be elegant, but it cannot outshine the wedding dress. However, make sure that the wedding guests can tell you apart from your groomsmen.

2. Buy your own suit, if you can.

Many grooms choose wedding suit rentals and they return the suit after the event. However, buying your own suit has its benefits - the most important one being that you can keep it as a memento of the happy day.

If you are more practical, buying your own suit means that you can use it on other occasions, such as your friends’ future weddings. Moreover, if you’ve chosen a less formal groom suit, you can use either the jacket or the trousers to put together business casual outfits.

3. Choose a classic ceremony suit.

If investing in a groom suit doesn’t come as easily to you, but you still want to own it, choose a timeless suit that you can wear for many years to come. You can never go wrong with the black tie wedding suit made out of a white dress shirt, a suit, a bow tie, and black shoes.

4. Don’t overdo it with the accessories.

There are many accessories that you could wear with your groom suit, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear all of them at once. Choose the ones that you like the most, but keep your look neat and stylish.

5. If you want a made to measure groom suit, make sure you pick an experienced tailor.

When it comes to made to measure suits, the tailor plays a big role in how your wedding suit will look. You get to choose all the details of the suit, such as fabrics, textures, colours, and patterns, but the tailor is the one that makes sure the finished product is of the highest quality.

6. Make sure your order your wedding suit early.

Many grooms are not sure when they should order their wedding suit so that they have it ready in time for the wedding.

Tudor Tailor style advisors recommend that you order your made to measure groom suit at least 2 months prior to the happy event so that the tailor has enough time to make all the necessary adjustments to the suit.

Should the Groom Wear a Wedding Suit or Wedding Tuxedo?

The most common dilemma for grooms is whether to wear a suit or a tuxedo on their wedding day. A groom can wear any of the two, depending on the formality and time of the event. Since tuxedos are more formal, they are typically worn for evening weddings, while a day time wedding allows the groom to wear a suit instead of a tux.

The main difference between a suit and a tuxedo is that tuxedos usually have satin details, such as satin lapels, buttons or satin stripes down the legs of the trousers. Suits, on the other hand, are commonly made from the one fabric, which makes them less formal.

If your wedding is a black-tie affair, then you should definitely choose a tuxedo, because it is one of the safest bets when it comes to formal wedding wear. There are many wedding tuxedo styles you can choose from, so you will definitely find one that suits your personal style.

Which Wedding Suit Style Should You Choose?

When deciding on the wedding suit style, grooms should consider not only personal style but also the type of wedding they are having, as well as the dress code for the event.

If your wedding is a formal event that takes place in the evening, at an elegant location, then your groom suit will be elegant and completely different than a groom suit for an informal beach wedding.

Here are the most popular styles of wedding suits for men and which you should choose so you don’t look out of place at your own wedding:

The Formal Wedding Suit

If the level of formality of your wedding is very high, then you can wear an elegant suit with a frock coat with a matching or a contrasting waistcoat underneath. This would be the perfect groom attire for a wedding with a white tie dress code.

Another formal wedding suit is the tuxedo, which is usually worn for black tie events. The tuxedo has elegant satin details on both jacket and trousers and is usually worn with a white dress shirt and a bow tie. Choose the wedding tuxedo style that best matches your bride’s gown and get ready to be at the center of attention on the big day.



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The Semi-Formal Wedding Suit

Just like the name suggests, a semi-formal wedding suit is slightly more relaxed than a formal wedding suit. If your wedding has a semi-formal or a cocktail dress code, you can wear a dark colored suit with a dress shirt and a tie. You can choose to wear a vest too, but it is not required of you.

Wear a dark navy classic groom suit and pair it with a white shirt and an elegant tie with unique pattern and you will look flawless next to your bride.

The Casual Wedding Suit

Casual attire can be misinterpreted because of the meaning this dress code has for day to day wear. However, a casual wedding suit is still a suit. Still, you have more freedom of choice as far as colors and patterns are concerned.

Pick a casual groom suit with beige trousers and a grey checkered jacket and you’ll have the perfect outdoor wedding groom suit.

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The Beach Wedding Suit

Beach weddings are not only romantic but also very popular. If you are planning to walk down the aisle with your future bride on a beach, then your best pick would be a light coloured linen suit. The most popular colors for men beach wedding attire are sand or wheat, but you can have an out of the box approach and wear a light pink groom suit.

What Colour Should the Wedding Suit Be?

A black wedding suit is a classic choice, but nowadays grooms like to experiment with different colors and patterns.

Choosing your wedding suit color can be quite a challenge, but there are some guidelines that can help you with this decision. If your wedding has a theme, then it definitely has a color palette as well. Depending on how bold you are, you can choose to wear colorful accessories that match the theme, or you can opt for a colorful suit.

For a formal wedding, go for dark colors.

If you’re going for a classic look, then your best choices would be either a black groom suit or a navy groom suit.

However, classic men wedding suits don’t have to be boring. Classic jackets, trousers, and accessories can help you achieve an elegant and dapper look, without overshadowing the bride.

Choose a bold, colorful suit for the unconventional wedding.

If you are planning on having a less formal, rather unconventional wedding, than you can experiment with your groom outfit, by choosing a colorful jacket for your suit.

Nowadays grooms tend to choose bold and unique colors, such navy blue - a timeless color, burgundy or dark green - colors that are supposed to represent good fortune, or even red - the color of love and passion.

Purple, gray, gold, silver, mustard, brown or royal blue wedding suits are also very popular and help grooms make a statement on their wedding day.

You can even go the extra mile and pick unconventional prints and fabrics for your jacket. For example, casual wedding attire for men could include a checkered turquoise jacket with a formal cut.

Which Wedding Suit Fit Works Best for You?

Not all bodies are the same shape and size so the same type of suit won’t look the same on two different men. This is why the first step in choosing your groom suit should be deciding which kind of suit fit is best for your body type.

If you select the right suit fit for you, you will ensure that whatever style the wedding suit is, it will fit you perfectly:

wedding suit fit

The Regular Fit Wedding Suit

Wedding suits with a regular/classic cut are best suited for gentlemen who adopt a classic style. Regular groom suits are more comfortable than other types of suits because both the jacket and the trousers fit looser around the body. However, that doesn’t mean they fit poorly, only that they are made to compliment larger, more muscular body types.

The Slim Fit Wedding Suit

Slim fit wedding suits are one of the most popular attire choices for grooms. They are closely fitted to the body, which makes them best suited for gentlemen with an athletic body type.

Usually, for these types of suits, the cut is more narrow around the arms, chest, and waist, for both jacket and trousers.

The Made to Measure Wedding Suit

If you want your groom suit to fit your body perfectly, then the most efficient way to do this is to opt for a made to measure wedding suit. The result will be a custom, tailor-made wedding suit, according to your body measurements.

You can customize every detail of a made to measure groom suit, so it becomes a reflection of your style: from fabric and color to smaller details such as the look of the buttons and the shape of the lapel. You can even choose to embroider your name and wedding date on the jacket lining so you can

A made to measure suit is also a good way to save time because you don’t have to try on many off the rack suits until you find the perfect one for your wedding day.

The made to measure concept allows you to add a final touch to your groom suit -  you can choose to embroider your name and wedding date on the jacket lining so that you can always remember this happy day.

made to measure wedding suit

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Choose Suit Fabric According to the Season of the Wedding

It goes without saying that you should feel comfortable in your wedding suit, which is why you should choose the fabric of the suit in accordance with the season in which the event takes place.

Fall and winter wedding suits should be made from thick fabrics that will keep you warm. The hotter the weather, the thinner and more breathable the fabric of the wedding suit should be.

Spring and Summer Wedding Suit Ideas

Even though summer wedding suits call for thin fabrics like cotton or linen blends, you have to keep in mind that a groom suit should be elegant above all else.

If you’re having a formal summer wedding, your best choice is a groom suit made of wool or a wool and mohair blend, which will help keep you cool in hot weather conditions.

However, if you are planning a less formal event, then you can pick a bright colored linen wedding suit.

The Wool Wedding Suit

For many people, wool is a fall and winter fabric, but it can be worn successfully during the warmer period of the year as well. Its natural fibers allow it to be very breathable, so you will feel comfortable wearing your groom suit even if your wedding takes place on a very hot day.

If you are still reluctant regarding wool’s cooling properties, then you can opt for a wool and mohair blend, which is even more lightweight than a 100% wool fabric.

The Linen Wedding Suit

Linen is the ideal fabric for summer weddings, which is why linen wedding suits are very popular with future grooms.

However, linen is not a very formal fabric and it tends to wrinkle and crease very easily, which is why Tudor Tailor style advisors recommend it only be worn for casual weddings.

The Silk Blend Wedding Suit

Just like wool, silk is a natural fiber fabric so you won’t have to worry about high temperatures while wearing a silk blend suit and you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding day.

The Cotton Wedding Suit

A cotton wedding suit is a more formal alternative to a linen wedding suit because it allows for maximum breathability while helping you maintain an appropriate level of formality.

Fall and Winter Wedding Suit Ideas

Tudor Tailor style advisors recommend wool, velvet, and brocade groom suits for autumn and winter weddings. Keep in mind to choose a fall wedding suit colour, such as burgundy, dark blue or charcoal.

The Velvet Wedding Suit

Velvet is an elegant fabric that is guaranteed to elevate your style. A velvet jacket will set well on your body and will make stand out, but still, allow your bride to shine at your arm.

The Wool Wedding Suit

Wool is a versatile and lightweight fabric and a popular choice for groom suits all year round. Wool fibers have the ability to be both insulating and breathable which is why this is a great suit fabric choice for both warm and cold weather.

Wedding Suit Shoes and Accessories

Once you’ve chosen your groom suit, the next step is picking the shoes and accessories that will complete your outfit.

The Groom Shoes - Simple, Yet Elegant

Traditional Oxford shoes are recommended for formal wedding suits because they are the best fit for a stylish tuxedo. Formal groom shoes shouldn’t stand out that much so steer clear of colorful shoes with brogue perforations or some other kind of ornament and opt instead for simple, elegant black leather pair.

If you are a modern groom with a semi-formal or casual wedding suit, then you don’t have to follow strict style rules and can actually experiment with different shoes colors such as brown, beige or even red. For a less formal wedding, Tudor Tailor style advisors recommend brown, grey or beige Oxford shoes. Whichever colors you chose, don’t forget to coordinate the color of your shoes with your suit color.

Beach weddings on the other hand call for the most casual pair of shoes - the loafers. Not only they’ll look great with a linen wedding suit, but you’ll enjoy the highest level of comfort.



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Shirt Cufflinks, a Must-Have for Any Groom

A formal wedding outfit must include shirt cufflinks. Cuffs are usually used for the cuffs of the shirt, but on such an important day you can choose a set of cufflinks to replace the buttons on the chest, not just those on the cuff.

What to Wear With the Wedding Suit - a Tie or a Bow Tie?

It goes without saying that the formal wedding suit must be worn with a bow tie. The most important rule for bow tie wearing is that the bow tie fabric should match the jacket lapel fabric. Always choose a bow tie made of natural fiber fabrics such as silk or velvet.

Most grooms usually go for a pre-tied bow tie, but true gentlemen know how to tie a self-tie bow tie. Still, if you find yourself in a pinch, your groomsmen can help you out.

If your groom suit is semi-formal, you should wear a tie that you can match with the color of your shirt. Opt for an elegant design, with a subtle pattern that will help you achieve a refined look.

The Groom Pocket Square, a Touch of Colour

The pocket square is another accessory that can elevate your groom look. You can match it with your jacket, your bowtie or your bride's gown. You can also pick a handkerchief that will be in contrast with your suit.

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The Waist Belt, the Most Elegant Groom Accesory

The waist belt is one of the most elegant wedding suit accessories, which is why it can only be worn with very formal groom outfits, that include a peak lapel jacket. It was created to cover the waistband of the pants, so as to help you have a dapper look.

Belts or Suspenders?

If you decided to have a made to measure suit, then you won’t have to worry about a belt or suspenders, because the suit is tailored for you. But if you have to wear one of them, or you just feel that your outfit would look better paired with one of these accessories, then make sure you choose to wear suspenders with your wedding suit. They are much more comfortable than belts and they will help you get an effortlessly put together look, even when paired with casual wedding suits.

Now that you have all the style guidelines for choosing the perfect groom suit, you don’t have to stress with making the right choice and you can actually sit back and enjoy the special event that is your wedding.

If you are looking for more advice on how to dress like a true gentleman, you can read other articles on the Tudor Tailor blog, where our style advisors have laid out many valuable pieces of advice for you.

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