The essential guide into choosing the right formal shoes

Choosing the right formal shoes can be sometimes a hard decision for the groom, being an important detail, meant to valorise the entire outfit in the most discreet and elegant way. Because it is not an easy job to combine the comfort and a sophisticated style for the big day our style advisors at Tudor Personal Tailor has some advices to avoid any wrong steps in the finding of the right formal shoes for you.

Firstly, the choice of the shoes depends on the type of event you are attending. If the wedding is a formal event, a classic pair of black Oxford shoes, is the best choice combined with a smoking.

For a less formal party, you can go for a more relaxed look, by wearing a brown, grey or beige pair of Oxford shoes. If the ceremony and the party take place on the beach, you can confidently wear an elegant pair of Loafers shoes, that are adequate for a smart-casual and a formal event too.

Another important aspect is the shoes colour. Formal shoes are usually black; for the formal ceremony shoes, the shoes should not stand out because of the colour, but because of the simplicity of the design and the high quality of the leather. For a groom, the shoes should stay simple, without any embellishments, brogue style perforations or any other elements that would centre them in the business/casual styles.

The comfort of the formal shoes is also an important aspect, especially because you will have to wear them for few hours during your special day. As a simple rule, the toes should not touch the inside front of the shoe, and your heel should stay still when you move. Carefully choose a pair of formal shoes that won’t hurt you or create pressure on the delicate areas of your feet. Once you found and picked your shoes, don’t wait until the day of the event, wear it for around 30 minutes, for a couple of days around the house; the leather will get loose and it will take the natural shape of your feet.

Formal shoes recommendation from Tudor Personal Tailor

Tudor Personal Tailor’s stylists recommend you to wear a pair of shoes, made especially for your feet shape, for a higher level of comfort, even after many hours of wear.
Don’t forget about the dance rink when you pick your formal shoes; try to pick a pair of shoes with a medium cohesive sole. Try to avoid rubber or stiff plastic soles and look for the natural leather ones with a rubber part added to the front of the sole, this will give flexibility and elegance to any step.

Find out more style advices from our style advisors at Tudor Personal Tailor and choose to wear an exceptional outfit for the most important day in your life by visiting our showrooms in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara.

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