5 Essential Pieces For The Groom’s Attire

Even if traditionally, the future husbands are outshined by the bride’s dress, most of the times, they are mindful when it comes to their groom’s attire, wishing and looking for garments that will make them stand out of the crowd, but for some pieces that can be worn another time and will not be forgotten in their wardrobe.

For a formal wedding in the evening, the formal gala attires, are compulsory, being conventionally manufactured to allow the bride to have all the eyes on herself and her dress, if the groom is determined to express more of his individuality, the black tie dress code has a sufficient number of variations accepted that can be strategically used in his advantage.

In the past, choosing the wedding attire was determined by the time of the day that the ceremony was taking place. If the ceremony was taking place in the morning or around noon, the groom’s attire would have been daytime formal, meanwhile if the ceremony was taking place during the evening, the formal wear, the tails, was reserved for the late afternoons or evening weddings. Both ways, the tail of the groom was meant to look similar to his bride’s train.

Nowadays, not so many men chose to wear frock-coats or daywear formal suits for their wedding, opting usually for the classic smoking (US tuxedo, UK dinner suit) for a ceremony that takes place during the day, even if traditionally these are especially for the events that take place during the evening/night.

1. The groom’s attire jacket

Besides the classic options of black or dark blue coloured jackets the new versions of tuxedos, less formal are very popular, being possible to manufacture out of a variety of natural fabrics, the most popular ones being the silk, velvet, wool or cashmere, with a huge variety of textures, prints or colours too: from navy blue, burgundy or dark green to red, purple, bronze, mustard yellow, brown or royal blue.

For the grooms with short types of body, the double breasted buttons jackets are recommended also the ones with a single button, to create a deeper V, creating a longer visual impression of the body. The ones with taller and skinnier types of body should opt for the double breasted jackets that offer an equilibrium of the proportions of such an anatomy, but they should be ready to keep the buttons of the jacket closed all night.

2. The groom’s attire trousers

The trousers are the piece that completes the groom’s attire, a pair of black wool trousers, made to measure to follow your bodylines, will definitely be an advantage.

Another important detail of the ceremony trousers is the piping, the thin strap that covers the exterior seams, manufactured out of the same fabric as the lapel.

When choosing your trousers, another detail that needs to be taken into consideration is the accessories that cover the waistband: the girdle or the vest. The girdle will be a match with the shawl lapel, the vest being the adequate accessory for the sharp lapel jacket. Both of them have an essential esthetical role, creating the impression of a longer silhouette.

3. The groom’s attire shirt

In regards to the shirt for the ceremony suit, even if it’s going to be covered all the times with the jackets suit the shirt has to be impeccable, made out of fine cotton, always white with a bowtie colour (turndown collar), made to measure to follow closely the individual’s shape of the body.

4. The groom’s attire bowtie

The ceremony outfit is completed by the bowtie, which should always be made out of natural fabrics, silk, velvet, the general rule being that the texture of the fabric to be similar to the one i the jackets lapel. Even if the manual clamping system is the preferred one, or the pre tied, any gentleman should learn how to tie a self tie bowtie, even if the final result will not always be a perfect one, an easily asymmetric bowtie will always offer more personality to a ceremony outfit.

5. Groom’s shoes

Choosing the right groom’s shoes is as important as the suit, the indicated shoes for ceremony being the Oxford shoes, made out patent or polished leather, preferably custom made, respecting the size of your feet to make sure they are comfortable enough for the whole day.

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