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    The QUADRANT outfit is dedicated to bold men and has as its main piece a plaid jacket with an obvious preciousness, thanks to the contribution of silk in the composition. Due to the shades, the jacket is a piece of clothing that can be easily matched with other outfits.
  • Navy blue plaid jacket TES12864 - 49% wool, 30% silk, 21% linen, price 2850 ron
  • London wool trousers - dark blue color 100% wool, * super 140's 704428 *, price 1770 ron

Pattern: Checked

Color: Navy

Fabric: 49%Wool,

Lapel: Notch

Fabric: Loro Piana

Delivery: 45 days

Price: €1,

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Costume bărbați
Costume Casual
2 piece
Andi Moisescu Collection

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