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Business Suit

In a neutral color, but with a claret, this business line suit is ideal for long days at the office.

- Find out how can you personalize this business suit through the CUSTOMIZE option !

- Do you want this custom-made suit ?

Come to our Tudor Tailor showrooms (Bucharest, Cluj or Timisoara) for a free fitting session and you will be able to online order your favourite items.

Pattern: Checked

Color: Gray

Lapel: Peak

100 % wool

Grammage: 340 gr

Colour and texture: Grey / In plaid

Season: Autumn / Winter

Resistance to siphoning and time are the benefits of a wool suit, which is the main reason why wool is considered the most durable material. Due to its versatility and the quality of keeping yourself warm, this costume is ideal for the Autumn/Winter season.

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Price: €946

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Product Code: HS667032

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