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If you want to stand out during a casual get-together the Bliss jacket is the way to do it. Its warm color plaid print will be sure to attract everyone's eye, whether you are pairing it with jeans or smart casual pants.

Casual jacket made of 40% merino wool, 35% silk, 25% linen by Holland&Sherry

Color: Brown

Fabric: Merino wool,

Composition: 40% merino wool, 35% silk, 25% linen

Weight: 230 gr

Color and texture: Brown and Blue / Plaid

Season: Spring / Summer

The merino-silk-linen combination is very soft to touch. Also, although it ads elegance and delicacy to the fabric, silk is also very resistant because of its natural elasticity.

Lapel: Notch

Delivery: 30 days

Pattern: Checked

Price: €767

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