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Edwin Jagger 3 Piece DE 89L Shaving Set​

Maximize your time while shaving and caring for your face with this Edwin Jagger 3-piece shaving set. This luxurious shaving set includes an attractive display with a chrome-plated stand and all the tools you need for a close, clean shave.

Utilize the badger brush to lather up for your daily shaving session and then enjoy the clean and durable performance of the five chrome-plated razors within this shaving kit. The double-edge safety razors glide smoothly on your skin, crafting a close shave you can appreciate.

Reduce clutter in your bedroom or bathroom with this shaving set that features a stand ready to neatly keep your badger brush and razors in place. The quality production of Edwin Jagger is evident in this set, combining modern updates and traditional techniques.

  • PREMIUM GIFT SET – Treat that special man in your life to a gift that includes the essentials he will enjoy for a clean shave. This 3-piece shaving set features an exquisite stand with lined chrome detail, a pure badger shaving brush and five double-edge safety razors.
  • CLEAN SHAVE ESSENTIALS – Lather up for a clean shave when you have this shaving set on hand each day. Each precision chrome-plated razor in this set glides along your skin with ease, offering both a close and clean shave.
  • AUTHENTIC BRUSH TECHNIQUES – The badger shaving brush will allow you to apply shaving cream to your face in smooth glides seamlessly. It will also help you remove any unwanted hair after shaving.
  • SOPHISTICATED DISPLAY – This premium set features an attractive chrome-plated stand that will add nicely to your décor, enabling you to keep your shaving essentials neatly on your bathroom counter or bedroom dresser.
  • TOP QUALITY – Edwin Jagger’s shaving tools are manufactured using traditional techniques and modern updates. Each quality product and set is manufactured in Sheffield, England.

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