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This product will be custom made, the option being available through the “customize” preference, online. If you are not a Tudor Tailor client and you wish to customize your selection with your own measures, we suggest scheduling a fitting appointment . If your measures are already in our database, please do not forget to check the “use my size”  option.

Pattern: Striped

Color: Gray

Lapel: Peak

Morning coat composition: 100 % wool

Morning coat weight: 260 gr

Morning coat color and texture: Grey / Striped

Trousers composition: 100% wool Super 110's

Trousers weight: 270 gr

Trousers color and texture:  Black / Uni

Season: All seasons

The advantages of a wool suit are that It doesn't wrinkle it's very durable, wool is considered the most durable fabric. It is versatile, it keeps you warm in the winter and cold in the summer, that why wool is used for summer and winter suits.

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